Black Postcards: Fuego el 1.

Naomi and I had developed a strong distrust of Dean, which in the end turned out to be not nearly strong enough – we were blind-sided, despite our misgivings about the person he was becoming and the ways in which he was dealing with our modicum of «success».

To give an example: during the Los Angeles show on our last tour, Dean (who almost never moved during our shows) suddenly stepped downstage front and centre during a guitar solo, and a white spotlight materialized, focused directly on him.

Apparently this had been arranged with the sound and lighting people beforehand. Nothing, but nothing, like that had ever been done at a Galaxie 500 show, and it completely freaked me out – I remember struggling to keep the beat while it happened, I was so surprised. In retrospect I notice that Dean chose the L.A. show to launch this new trick, when the audience was full of music industry people. We hadn’t had any spotlights in Columbus or Dallas!

Damon Krukowski

Un libro que empieza EXACTAMENTE  así, con una cita de uno de los miembros del grupo que disolviste, no puede ser malo. Y no lo es.

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