The Pains Of Being una mixtape tan guay

  • The House of Love, ‘Destroy The Heart’
  • Bad Dream Fancy Dress, ‘Choirboy Gas’
  • Mr. Wright, ‘Hangover Square’
  • Manhattan Love Suicides, ‘Skulls’
  • Brighter, ‘Killjoy’
  • Felt, ‘Ballad of the Band’
  • Twin Shadow, ‘When We’re Dancing’
  • Girls, ‘Laura’
  • The Pastels, ‘Coming Through’
  • Comet Gain, ‘You Can Hide Your Love Forever’

Esa es la LISTAZA que Kip TPOBPAH ha realizado para el mixtape de esta página Aussie. No sobra ni un punteo.

Mi frase favorita:
«The Pastels, ‘Coming Through’
KB: Contrary to popular belief, I don’t actually masturbate while watching old Pastels videos on youtube. But there’s something emotionally equivalent going on»